Canvas Craft – Mordialloc

Business Owner:  Tony Dimeck
“The strangest job I have ever done was for the bull insemination farm and these prize bulls, the ones with the short legs, you know the big bodies and short legs, their things were hanging on the ground and they were getting blisters so we had to make a bra to fit and lift them up.  You could call it a bull’s ball bag.  That was in Bacchus Marsh. I had to go there and measure them up and make it.”

High Point
“I have enjoyed every bit of this business. It’s not something I do for a job, it’s something I do that I love doing.  There is big and exciting jobs. The biggest would have been “Five Mile Creek” in Sydney. There was a lot of tents and roofs.”

Low Point
“Quiet times are very hard but you have to ride it.  The quietest time we have had is right now, we are going through it right now.  This patch has been going on for 12 months at least.”

Business Tip
“You have to start early and build yourself up with knowledge and know what the main purpose of the business is.”



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