Michael Zand Optometrist – South Yarra

Business Owner:  Michael Zand
“I have had my own business for 34 years. This area has changed a lot. There used to be more elderly people. It’s become more yuppyish and people in this area tend to move out, they don’t stay here to long. I wouldn’t call it a challenge to find new clients, it’s just trying to increase your patient base always. For me it is word of mouth or I go and talk to local doctors and other professionals around here hoping that they send you cliental. When I first started out your weren’t allowed to advertise or put an A Board out.   Your professional know how was more important, I mean the optometrist part was more important than selling the glasses. Now it’s gone reverse. People are more interested in different glasses and different sunglasses and then they ask “by the way do you have an optometrist to do the examination.”

High Point
“When the first patient walked in off the street. That was on the 11th of November 1981. Her name was Evelyn Smart and she had a dog called Blackie.”

Low Point
“The last year things have been pretty bad. Retail is a bit down in this area and there is more competition.”

Business Tip
“Always be optimistic. Don’t get too upset when things are bad and don’t go too crazy when things are good.”




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